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Men’s Image Consultation

There is always one man in the crowd who stands out - somehow he has just got the look right! Our research shows that a high percentage of men out there find shopping difficult, confusing and tiresome and end up wearing the same tired clothing because it’s easy! We help you to enhance your appearance to build self-esteem making you feel and look great inside and out.

No matter what size, shape, age you are -  consulting a personal  image consultant for men will transform you and the way you feel about yourself.¬  It will change how you look, and how you look at yourself.

Discover the NEW YOU!!

Colour Analysis

You will learn how to use colours successfully in clothes and accessories to complement you best.
And just as importantly, you will learn what you should avoid.

  • why certain shades¬ enhance your natural colouring, while others let you down badly 
  • what your dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours flatter you
  • learn new ways how to wear and combine colours to create the look you desire¬ 
  • how to coordinate your wardrobe and create more outfit combinations
  • how best to wear the colours not in your colour palette you already have without having to buy more clothes

Body shape, Style,and Wardrobe Personality Analysis

Analysing your body shape, scale and face shape will define

  • the best styles for suits, jackets, shirts 
  • the most flattering patterns, fabrics
  • how your accessories and hair can affect your image
  • the most harmonising ties 
  • how to dress for business and casual
  • dress with confidence for whatever the occasion is
  • what kind of socks and shoes for different occasions

This Image Consultation  includes pocket size colour swatches for you to take home and Personalised Profile sent to you within a few days to guide future dressing and shopping.
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For work, leisure, pleasure and power, looking the part is becoming ever more important for men today. Film and television icons have certainly played their part to make us aware of the allure and confidence of a well dressed man. But just trying to emulate the wardrobes of celebrities and the stylish looks form advertisements in the men's magazines won't make you look original or good.....

Don't forget, celebrities and photographers employ stylists who choose the right clothes for the individual and create those looks. Why not you?
   Kellie Image Consultancy employs years of experience as both a stylist and fashion designer to create a look that suits you so that you too can project the image of yourself as you would like to be seen!

Look the part!
Choose the accessories....
Choose the accessories....

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