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Women’s Image Consultation
Women’s Image Consultation
We help you to enhance your appearance to build self-esteem making you feel and look great inside and out!

No matter what size, shape, age you are - consulting a personal image consultant will transform you and the way you feel about yourself. It will change how you look, and how you look at yourself. 

Discover the NEW YOU!!

Colour Analysis
A session to discover the colours that suit you best. Advice can then be given on clothes, accessories, make-up and hair colour. we will define the best shades of colours to flatter your natural colouring that make you younger and radiant. You will learn how to use colours successfully in clothes, cosmetics and accessories to complement you best. And just as importantly, you will learn what you should avoid. 

Learn how and why certain shades enhance your natural colouring, while others let you down badly! 

  • what your dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours flatter you
  • learn new ways to wear your colours to create the look you desire
  • how to coordinate your wardrobe and create more outfit combinations
  • how best to wear the colours not in your colour palette that you already have without having to buy more!

A "swatch" is included in the cost - this is a credit-card sized wallet containing 32 different colours that will help you when shopping & sorting your clothes.

Colour Swatch

Style Analysis
We look at your body shape, face shape, proportons, scale and lifestyle to discover the clothes that are going to flatter your figure and face all day - everyday! We use a workbook that you can keep as a guide for future purchases and when sorting through your wardrobe. You will be able to select clothes with more confidence, ignoring garments that are unflattering.  <<<< Check facts

Wardrobe Detox
This is a natural progression after the first two consultations. A wardrobe detox would involve a ruthless sort through your wardrobe. A wardrobe plan would then be devised that works with you and your lifestyle/budget, allowing you to get the most from your clothes, showing you how to build up a well co-ordinated wardrobe.

Imagine your wardrobe is well organised, full of wearable clothes to suit your life style and all occasions. That's what Kelie Image Consultancy does!

Wardrobe Planning

  • updates your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle, bodyline, coloring and personality
  • gets rid of clothes which are not right for you
  • identifies gaps you need to fill
  • your clothes will be organized so as to ease selection and dressing
  • you get advice on the best way to make the most of the clothes you have,
    altering them or cleaning them

......and you will learn how to combine what you’ve got so as to give you a new look


Do you have a special event to attend and want a head-turning outfit? Or a holiday coming up and require a versatile capsule wardrobe? Or maybe a job interview coming up where you want to create the right impression? If so let me help you!

You probably go shopping with your best friend, but it helps to use a qualified personal stylist for this, because they  can make a quick assessment of your bodyline and body proportion so as to find perfectly fit and flatter your body shape.

A personal shopper finds the right clothes and accessories for you, within your budget, without any obligation to buy , whether from the high street chains, luxury boutiques and department stores.

Finding those chic boutiques isn't just a question of going to the smart shopping districts - if you really want to shop well, you need an intimate knowledge of the best vintage shops and the up-and-coming designer's studios too

What is the benefit of using Kellie Image Consultancy?

  • We will point out styles and colours you never imagined you could wear
  • You will save money because you will buy what suits you
  • You will save time because we know what is sold and where
  • Your new purchases will be such as to be worn again and again
mwah...mwah...mwah darling
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Shopping is the best part!!

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