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Fruit   We strive to sell tasty varieties that you won't always see in supermarkets, grown for taste and to be eaten fresh. English apples and pears are ever popular. People are returning to flavoursome unique varieties. In season these are sent to us straight from Farmers who value our support and patronage.
     Let’s not forget the rest, grapes, plums, clementines, melons, peaches, nectarines, pineapples and mangos. When in season we always stock the very best!

Vegetables   The most popular are 'greens', when in season, cabbages; Savoy, kale and spinach, all sourced from  Organic suppliers. Aubergines; regular and Sicilian  Round - particularly tasty. Courgettes; green and yellow, round - perfect for stuffing. Mange tout; sugarsnaps and Beans - French, broad, runners.
     Potatoes; several organic varieties as they come to season, and when in season root  vegetables including parsnips, swede, the increasingly popular celeriac, and  Jerusalem artichokes.

Cheese    We offer cheeses to suit all occasions and to compliment any respectable cheese board.  Our  products have unique flavours and inclusions and we offer pasteurised,  unpasteurised and vegetarian options.
    We always offer our  customers the opportunity to taste the cheese before buying and we can  offer advice to help you put together an interesting cheeseboard  selection.
Our produce is constantly changing with new additions so come and check regularly!

Wines Ales & Spirits
We know your taste buds don’t lie. When you are drinking a fine wine that has been made with passion, you can tell it’s special  - Which is why we  carefully select our collection of high quality organic wines, fairtrade wine, sulphite free wine, organic beer, organic cider and fairtrade and organic spirits!

Dairy and Breads  
We are particularly proud of our milk and cream which is delivered from local sources, and our our butter is varied and tasty!
We offer plenty of pastries, cakes and bread options and have a small selection of   whole-wheat, rye and rye with seeds.


Ffandangos organic fruit
Ffandangos organic fruit and veg

Preserves    Our preserves are made from natural ingredients with no artificial  preservatives. Some of our recipes have been passed down  through generations. Our chutney’s are formulated to compliment and  enhance the food they accompany.
    We also have exciting plans to offer our own homemade preserves and chutneys under the Ffandango label!

Ffandangos dairy and breads
Ffandangos cheses

Charcuterie    Our main ethos is to be as fresh, local and natural as we can  reliably and safely be, we do NOT use any artificial colouring,  flavourings, emulsifiers or phosphates.
We only use prime joints of meat from carefully selected local  producers and we keep our packaging minimal.

Organis wines and spirits at Ffandangos of Cardiff
Charcuterie counter at Ffandangos of Llandaff
Organic preserves at Ffandangos of Llandaff

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