St. Michael's Church
Michaelston-y-Fedw School 1928

The building has a long and interesting History being built as a long house 1000 years ago by Mabel, the eldest daughter of Robert Fitzhammond who  ruled the area in 1100. Named locally as The Duke of Gloucester, this  was never the case. The name of the pub originates from Mabel as Mably  is Welsh for Mabel and Cefn is Welsh for Ridge. Hence Cefn Mably Mabel's Ridge.

You can see the old Inn, in the early 20th Century before the restaurant extension, was even smaller than it is  now! There are other pictures of the building through the years on the  walls in the bar.

Whilst we do need to add how the hand drier in the Ladies leaps into action  after the Pub is closed at night and the locking up routines are  started, Mary, as the friendly but mischievous ghost has been named,  continues to keep her eye on everything that's happening and sometimes  passes her comment with her unusual presentations, like throwing glasses and food; but we still claim she is friendly. She has been known to  hide food away from the last place it was seen, with it being found  underneath waste in the Kitchen bin.

We are so lucky to be next door to the St. Michael’s Church, which  although younger than The Cefn Mably Arms is steeped in History.  In fact Carl Hess, Rudolph's father, buried one of his wives in the  churchyard. You'll have to await your visit to The Cefn Mably to find  out why......

The old Oak tree to the front of the building draws much interest and  visiting Mediums regularly see the Children of witches that used to be  hung from that tree. It is known that the middle and upper classes of  that day would hang common criminals from a beam in the kitchen of the  old house, but witches were thought to be too evil and would be hung  from the Oak Tree.

There was great belief in witchcraft in those days so the children from all  around were rounded up and commanded to come to watch the hangings,  believing that this sight would deter them from engaging in the  activities of the perpetrators.

Mediums always say that they can see the children at night in the Car Park  under the tree. The branch thought to have been used for the hangings  was cut off some 20 years ago in the hope that this would stop the  children's appearances, This was conducted to no avail and the children  still appear and distressed.